Junior Coalition

The Junior Coalition of MWCABC was formed in 2003 as a charitable organization for Manhasset teenagers. Its purpose is to provide education and awareness about breast cancer at a teenage appropriate level without fear, to generate compassion and understanding for those afflicted with the disease and the family and friends affected by it, and to join together to raise funds for breast cancer research and patient support programs.

The Junior Coalition combines service and fun by organizing fundraising dances, planting flowers for outreach recipients, baking and delivering holiday cookies to survivors and assisting at MWCABC's 5K Family walk/run.

The Junior Coalition has been steadily growing in results and members. It is open for membership to all high school girls that live in the Manhasset School District.


Membership in the Junior Coalition is $10 per year. Membership forms are available from the Junior Coalition advisors.


To obtain more information about membership or events, get on the mailing list for meetings or become a sponsor for the Junior Coalition, please contact the appropriate Junior Coalition Advisor noted below.

Class of 2018 -- Rosa Stein at rstein@netlinksys.net
Class of 2019 -- Beth Miller at ercmam@gmail.com
Class of 2019 -- Grace Mahler at gbbm@optonline.net
Class of 2019 -- Carlyn Casey at billandcarlyn@Verizon.net
Class of 2020 -- Emily Mildt at etmildt@optonline.net
Class of 2020 -- Jill Pullano at pullano@optonline.net
Class of 2020 -- Kristen Ryan at ktoderyan@yahoo.com
Class of 2020 -- Kate Tracy at patkatny@optonline.net
Class of 2021 -- Linda Clarke at martinlinda@verizon.net
Class of 2021 -- Gina Petersen at gina.f.petersen@gmail.com
Class of 2021 -- Patti Ann Reilly at Pandtreilly@mac.com
Class of 2021 -- Kristen Stevens at Kristin.stevens@mac.com


Manhasset Women's Coalition Against Breast Cancer • P. O. Box 1007 • Manhasset, NY 11030 • Phone (516) 627-2410 • E-mail manhassetbreastcancer@gmail.com