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2023 Officers and Directors

  • President & VP Research

    Sue Neville

  • VP Treasurer

    Danielle Georghakis

  • Corresponding Secretary

    Leslie Fleck

  • VP Research

    Susan Neville

  • VP of Outreach

    Roseanne Smith

  • VP Junior Coalition

    Kristin Stevens

  • Director of Social Media

    Kelly Cacioppo

  • Director of Technology

    Robin Camera

  • General Counsel

    Bea Roth

  • Recording Secretary

    Paula Parks

  • Past Co-President

    Lynn Minutillo and Monique Koch

  • Advisory Committee Members

    Marybeth Accurso
    Paula Chiarucci
    Dorothy Forte
    Kathy Gray
    Sabine Hairabedian
    Laura Hull
    Monique Koch
    Lynn Minutillo