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Every year the MWCABC Outreach Program is proud to partner with community providers to offer various wellness programs free of charge to its recipients facing a breast cancer diagnosis. The 2022 grants, awarded to our partners in support of breast cancer recovery and survivorship, are:

Northwell Health Foundation
Integrative Therapies at the Monter Cancer Center - Reflexology treatments, provided to patients while receiving chemotherapy, help lessen the pain of peripheral neuropathies, lower blood pressure, combat depression and reduce anxiety and fatigue,
The Breast Cancer Pre-habilitation Pilot Program – to prevent treatment-related functional decline and subsequent consequences,
The Palliative Care Outreach Program - funding for a palliative medicine guest speaker at a Grand Rounds presentation.

The Cancer Institute at St. Francis Hospital
The Picture of Health - Art therapy program for cancer patients and caregivers helps decrease anxiety, promote relaxation and express emotions,
The Nutrition and Cooking programs - cooking is therapeutic and a great way for patients and caregivers to gain a sense of control during an unsettled time.

Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center (JCC)
Support/Exercise group for women with breast and other gynecological cancers - exercise is an effective intervention to improve quality of life and cardio-respiratory fitness,
Relax, Renew & Restore Retreat - a day designed to give breast/gynecologic cancer survivors and their caregivers a "vacation from cancer", even if it's for a brief few hours.

Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program
Transportation and food stipends allocated to women struggling financially during their breast cancer journey to insure patient compliance with medical treatments.

Berest Dance Center
Ballet For Recuperation – a series of ballet classes to improve neuropathy symptoms.

Lean on Me Breast Cancer Network, Inc.
Summer Serenity Wellness Retreat - a day designed to introduce patients and survivors to unique coping strategies they might not have previously used.

Strength for Life
Strength for Life Weekend Wellness Retreat – designed to help cancer patients and survivors improve their daily functional activities, quality of life and self-esteem.

Jenn Murphy Augustine
Last Day of Chemotherapy Floral Gifts – a keepsake offered to breast cancer patients to celebrate the end of their chemotherapy treatment, always a big milestone in their fight against breast cancer.

Please see our EVENT CALENDAR for a full list of our Outreach Wellness Programs along with our partners' programming relevant to our mission. Below are those available this month:

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