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Welcome to the Manhasset Women's Coalition Against Breast Cancer

The Manhasset Women's Coalition Against Breast Cancer (MWCABC) is an all-volunteer, charitable organization founded to unite the women of Manhasset, Long Island in the fight against breast cancer. MWCABC has evolved through the years, expanding in size and scope, but has maintained an unwavering focus and commitment to finding a cure for this disease.


Hello friends, neighbors, supporters, survivors and volunteers,


The MWCABC is thinking of YOU! We are living in an extraordinary time where our every thought seems to revolve around COVID 19. You are not alone; the MWCABC is still here for you, still strong! We our striving to continue the work we do throughout this crisis while observing dictated guidelines about social distancing, taking necessary extra precautions and staying at home. 


We are all experiencing fear, anxiety, stress, and heartache during this horrible time. We wanted to let you know we are thinking of you and hoping you and your families are all safe and healthy. 


(TRY TO) Enjoy this time with your family, reach out to others, and spread some kindness. Whatever your faith, please pray for those who need our strength, courage, hope and comfort. Stay healthy! Stay safe! 


Please reach out if we can be of any assistance.



The MWCABC Board

Use our website to learn more about what we do and how you can get involved.

Thanks for visiting. Your support is appreciated.

MWCABC is a proud beneficiary of the LI2Day Walk

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