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Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast Cancer 

President’s  Report

For the year ended December 31, 2018


A.  General Activities. In calendar 2018, MWCABC:


(i)       was selected to receive a $100,000 New York State grant in connection with the organization’s Outreach Committee activities (currently pending) 

(ii)      redesigned its website and implemented a Board Portal system for document retention

(iii)     initiated a migration to electronic ticketing, raffle ticket sales and online silent auction activity 

(iv)    adopted a standing Board Advancement Committee for the recruitment of Board members

(v)     activated the Audit Committee

(vi)    implemented annual total organization budgeting

(vii)   initiated asset protection/liability reduction initiatives

(viii)  actively posted valuable content on social media


B. Grants and Awards. In 2018, MWCABC made grants:


(i)    $100,000 to the research organization(s) of Dr. Jason Spector and Kristy Brown PhD of Weill Cornell Medicine for their project: “Tissue Engineered, Patient – Specific Bio Mimetic Simulacra For the High- Throughput Analysis of Novel Breast Cancer Therapeutics” 

(ii)   $100,000 to the research organization(s) of Dr. Sonam Bhatia (Spector Lab) of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory for her project : “Evaluating Patient-Specific Breast Tumor Organoids to Identify New Therapeutic Targets”

(iii)   $10,000 to Adelphi New York State Breast Cancer Hotline

(iv)   Approximately $90,000 on Outreach programs and services including:


·       Thirteen (13) programs serving approximately eighteen hundred (1800) patients and their families totaling $32,500

·       Fifty-six (56) newindividual breast cancer cases and ten (10) new“other” women’s cancer cases

·       In the aggregate, in 2018 a total ofone hundred forty-two (142) cases, of which one hundred seventeen (117) were breast cancer cases and twenty-five (25) were “other” women’s cancer cases. 


(v)    $2,000 Geraldine J. Baker Memorial Scholarship for Breast Cancer Research 

(vi)   Two student internships at $1,000 each for breast cancer research programs


C. Major Events. In 2018, MWCABC and/or the Junior Coalition sponsored or participated in the following major events:


(i)             Mix and Mingle 

(ii)            Long Island 2 Day Walk 

(iii)           Row for the Fight

(iv)           Rituals Spa Event

(v)            Ladies’ Night Out

(vi)           5K Run/Walk

(vii)          Pink Ball (9thGrade)

(viii)         Snow Ball (10thGrade)

(ix)           Junior Coalition Brunch (11thGrade) 

(x)            Pink Pony at Ralph Lauren Americana

(xi)           Champions for Charity at Bandier Americana



D. Financial Summary. In 2018, MWCABC (including all committees and activities) generated cash receipts of $ 423,653 and had cash disbursements (including grants) of $ 424,604.  At January 1, 2018, MWCABC had cash on hand of $ 171,239 and at December 31, 2018, MWCABC had cash on hand of 

$ 170,288. See Schedule of Cash Receipts and Disbursements (attached).


Barbara Kelly Vessa

MWCABC President 

January 14, 2019





Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursements for the year ended 12/31/18




Cash Receipts:


   Third Party Fundraisers


   Direct Public Support






   Membership Dues


   Jr. Coalition Income


   Fundraisers-Mix & Mingle




  Grants Received-LI2Day








Cash Disbursements:


     Outreach Services


     Outreach Community Grants


     Office Expenses


     Fundraising Expenses


     Jr. Coalition Expenses


     Jr. Coalition Grants


     Research Expenses


     Research Grants


     LI2 Day Expenses










Liz Tsalikis

MWCABC Treasurer

  • PW