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Past Grant Recipients

Through our annual fund-raising events (See Event Calendar), MWCABC has succeeded in awarding over $3 million in grants to breast cancer research, education programs and organizations. This accomplishment could only have been achieved with the generous support of our community.

Our past recipients include:


  • Seed Grant
    MSK Young Women with Breast Cancer Program A Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Program for Young Women with Breast Cancer
    Dr. Mary L. Gemignani, MD, MPH & Dr. Shari Goldfarb, MD



  • Dr. Jason Spector and Kristy Brown PhD
    "Tissue Engineered, Patient- Specific Bio
    Mimetic Simulacra For the High- Throughput
    Analysis of Novel Brest Cancer Therapeutics".

  • Dr. Sonam Bhatia
    "Evaluating Patient- Specific Breast Tumor Organoids to Identify New Therapeutic Targets".


  • $95,751.53 to Christopher Klebanoff, MD of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to fully fund his project entitled “Development of a Diagnostic Test for the Cancer-Germline Antigen CT83: a Promising Immunotherapy Target for Patients with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.”

  • $54,248.47 to Betsy Barnes, Phd of the Feinstein Institute of Medicine at Northwell Health to partially fund her project entitled “Reprogramming Breast Cancer Immunity.”**

  • $50,000.00 to Kevin Kalinsky, MD, MS of Colombia University Medical Center for one year of his two year research project entitled “Monitoring Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer Patients with Dynamic Tomographic Imaging.”



  • Project called Clinical Validation of the cyclinD-1 interactions as a Predictor of Response to Tamoxifen Versus Fulvestrant in Premenopausal Patients with ER+Cancer

  • Project called “High Throughput Screen Looking for Drugs that interfere with Microphage Stimulated Breast Cancer”.

  • Project called “Early Detection of Cardiac Toxicity of Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer Patients”.


  • Project called "Assessing the Role of IncRNA's in Mammary Tumor Formation, Progression and Metastasis-Towards a New Therapeutic Approach.

  • Project called “Characterizing the Functional Significance of the Highly Prognostic FGD3-SUSD
    Metagene in Breast Cancer.

  • Project called “Improving Quality of Life for Older Adults with Breast Cancer: An Outpatient Collaborative
    Team Model for an Innovative Breast Cancer and Aging Program”.


  • Project to determine the mechanism by which breast cancer cells lose DNA methylation. The work is designed to allow for the identification of novel breast cancer drug targets.

  • Pre-clinical studies to test the effectiveness of semapimod in conjunction with paclitaxel on metastatic breast cancer tumors.

  • Study to isolate the mechanisms by which neutrophils (a type of white blood cell) are activated to kill cancer cells. This research aims to change the natural history of breast cancer by discovering the unique stimulants that drive neutrophil activation in breast cancer patients.


  • Support research on a new microfluidic device to isolate circulating tumor cells and identify biomarkers to predict clinical response to chemotherapy drugs in metastatic breast cancer patients.

    Fund research targeting the tumor micorenvironment using copper depletion as an anti-angiogenesis agent.

  • Support a project examining the mechanism of the SCCRO gene in controlling the tumor and its microenvironment.